Wall Mountable Fire Blanket
Fire Blanket

Wall Mountable Fire Blanket

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Fire blankets are very useful in extinguishing a fire before it spirals out of control. They cut off the oxygen supply to the fire when placed over the flaming area and keep you safe if you need cover yourself with it to evade a fire. Having fire blankets strategically placed near areas that are likely to catch fire could be a life-saving decision in case a fire breaks out.

Fire Blanket

Our fire blankets are sealed in a protective bright red hard plastic cover. The blankets are readily accessible by pulling the tabs to release. The packaging has a picture frame hole in the back to easily mount near any fire source in and outside the home.

Easily portable, perfect for camping, boating or any outing where there will be a fire source. Use as a fire tent in combination with a Fire Escape Mask to protect you from flames you cannot escape from. 

instructions how to use a fire blanket

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