Family Wildfire Survival Equipment

16 Foot Steel Fire Rescue Ladder with Hook System

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This easy to deploy, steel folding ladder should be place near windows and or balconies for emergency use.  It's universal hooking system is easy to attach to any exit window, door, balcony, etc. 

To use, pick up the ladder, hold the hook system firmly, and allow the steps (rungs) to fall to the ground outside. Then place the hooking system over the exit method and attach firmly. Once the hooking system is in place, exit the fire scene by climbing down the ladder facing the building. You will be able to quickly descend the ladder and find safety. 

This ladder is 16 feet long, and is ideal for for home environments. Be sure to practice with your family members before you need to use it. Place hooking system in window, etc. and then go outside and practice climbing up and then down the ladder. Once you adjust to the climb, go inside the house and practice climbing down.