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HX Outdoors Multifunctional Fire Rescue Axe and Hammer

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HX Outdoors Multifunctional Rescue Axe and Hammer is a must-have, multipurpose use, outdoor tactical axe, and is great for emergencies. Also excellent for camping, hunting and fire rescue. This is a powerful, yet light-weight axe and is intended for adult use only.

The HX Survival Axe's single bit head is made of high quality 440 stainless steel, the highest strength, and most wear resistance of all the stainless steel alloys. (Hardness in knife steels is most commonly measured using the Rockwell C test. The hardness of the HX Outdoors's Axe is 58HRC.)

The HX Axe fits comfortably in you hand, and the nylon-fiber handle makes for a stable grip. The overall length is 30.7 cm. Weight is approximately 1 lb.


The HX Axe is multipurpose, so it can chop wood, remove nails, serve as a wrench, and smash open car windows (in an emergency). It is a must have in your GO Bag