Vital Communicator Waterproof Power Independent Hand Radio and Cell Phone Recharger

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Our BEST SELLING Vital Communicator is a multifunctional emergency device. It is solar power capable, and hand crank enabled, for recharging the built in battery.

The LED flashlight is terrific for lighting a space, and can be used for work or reading. 

The AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio has a 500mah power bank and can provide up to 30 hours of emergency use.

Lightweight and portable, the Vital Communicator can charge a cell phone or tablet via a USB device charger. Best of all, it has a rechargeable battery and can be powered by hand crank, solar panel or via USB port. Bluetooth V 5.0 capable. This unit is a must-have for hiking, camping, bug out bag, or emergency survival kit.

The emergency solar radio has a 5000mah power bank, and can provide up to 30 hours of emergency power for any small tablet or mobile phone.

Comes with an SOS alarm function, to allow you get help or to warn others of danger. 

Waterproof design, IPX6 waterproof performance, dustproof and anti-drop.

Package Contents:
1 x Bluetooth speaker
1 x USB data cable
1 x Carabiner
1 x Bicycle buckle
Only the above package content, other products are not included.